The Newest Silicone Hydrogel for Custom Lens Designs.

Lagado LSH was formulated to meet the growing need for made to order silicone hydrogel lenses.

Lagado LSH lenses can be made in all designs using manufacturing processes already in use. This allows specialty lens fitters and their lens manufacturing partners, the ability to offer custom made silicone hydrogel lenses for any condition.

Lagado LSH lenses are plasma oxidized using a proprietary process to produce a low wetting angle and improved wettability – helping to promote lens comfort, improve visual performance, and reduce the potential for deposits.

The Benefits of Lagado LSH

  • Easily machined into any custom design – 1.26 expansion factor and a 12.7mm button diameter enable the use of standard lathe parameters
  • Dk 49 – ideal for daily wear
  • Lowest wetting angle of comparable silicone hydrogels
  • Mid-range water content – 49% – optimizes durability
  • Available in clear, blue, green, or aqua tints with UV light absorber
  • Almost twice the burst strength of comparable silicone hydrogel material for increased durability

Material Properties

Expansion Factor1.26
Wetting Angle60º
% Water49%
Burst Strength22 psi
Elongation at Break436%
Tensile Strength (MPa)2.88
Available TintsBlue, Aqua, Clear
UV AbsorberYes

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